Tread Label Management (TLM) Service
- Data/Database Configuration
Kiosk Customization

There are many different attributes associated with each tire type (SKU item), and the number and scope of this data varies by tire manufacturer. We designed the Tire Label Management service to easily customize these attributes and match your tire data.

Here is a minimal list of common attributes which are expected to be included;

    Brand *
    Tire Size *
    Item Number/SKU
    Fuel/Rolling Resistance Rating
    Noise (Db) Level
    Wet Grip Rating
Other available attributes:

    Brand Graphic
    Load Index
    Rim Diameter
    Tire Type
    Speed Rating
    Season (Summer/Winter/All)
    Group Code (Commercial Vehicle, Passenger, Light Truck)
* Required for Kiosk navigation

Database Initialization and update

We adjust the initialization and setup of the database according to the number of unique products (items) you want to include.

With smaller sets of data you can simply enter the data for each tire into the database through the client maintenance portal.

For larger data sets exceeding 1000 items, we charge a one-time initialization fee to programmatically import the data. Depending on the cleanliness and organization of the data, this process can take a few minutes, several hours, or even several days.
We can also arrange to automatically upload data on a daily or weekly basis (for example, via FTP to your Tire Label Management server). Setup of this process is not covered as part of the standard pricing, but will be quoted separately as one-time configuration fee.

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