Tread Label Management (TLM) Service

Labeling - Getting it Right
Once tire producers meet the goal for getting EC 1222/2009 tire ratings, they still face unique challenges in getting that data correctly applied to the tire including:

  • Demanding application conditions that require special adhesive and label handling
  • Printer-to-label registration issues
  • Products returned due to lack of labels or other compliance issues.
We understand! We have seen the results of poor label quality wrapped around material handling conveyor belts/rollers. We also faced similar issues while developing our Tread Label Applicator to automatically apply tread labels to single or palletized tires.
The solution? Our long-term strategic label partners, GBS Corp ( Whether you need tread labels or barcode / integrated RFID tags for tracking and inventory control, GBS products and expertise help you get the job done right, every time. Add in great customer service like 24/7 supply chain assurance provided by MyGBS©, and it’s easy to understand how GBS Corp has earned the trust of the automotive industry for over 20 years.
To learn more about GBS, please follow this link:
GBS : Your Tire Label Specialist


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