Tread Label Management (TLM) Service
CTI Introduces
TLM - Tread Label Management

How will you meet the requirements of EC 1222/2009? TLM can help!
TLM can provide required EU information to your distributors and end-consumers  -- without burdening  your  IT staff or expanding  your server hardware  budget.

Database implementation allows tire manufacturers to update and maintain their own product information.

Fully hosted solution includes site hosting, maintenance, and technical support.

Kiosk web interface for distributors and consumers.
Print EU-acceptable consumer information at point-of-sale.
Print tire tread labels, on-demand.
Add logos, branding, or other features to uniquely tailor product presentation and promote sales.

For 30+ years we’ve enabled tire makers to cost-effectively test, label, track, report,
and manage product data. Leverage the Data You Already Have

CTI is a strategic partner with GBS.

About the TLM Service

The TLM service is web based, so it is extremely collaborative and easy to deploy—in the plant and also in remote locations like sales offices, distribution centers, warehouses, and retail outlets.
Combine it with CTI’s Tread Label Applicator and Product Traceability Database  to automatically print and apply the correct, predefined labels, on the appropriate tires, regardless of whether they arrive singly on a conveyor or as a palletized group.

Easy to Use

This screen shows the typical kiosk access method  used by distributors and retail outlets.

To display the EU label/ratings sheet for a specific tire type, select different tire attributes on the screen, or enter a search descriptor (like SKU) directly at the top of the screen.


This screen shows the level of customization available to TLM clients. Provide your own design, or work with our graphic designers to achieve the perfect look for your company kiosk.

Cost-Effective Conformance

This typical output shows printable point-of-sale information for a specific tire type. Customize the data. Add logo, branding, and product features to turn EU conformance into a selling opportunity!
Warehouse / Distributor sites select and access the same tire information to print specially formatted tire tread labels, on demand.

Tire Data Management

Authorized users at the manufacturer’s site can update and change tire information 24 / 7 via direct edit or file transfer.

CTI hosts the tire data on its secure, reliable servers to minimize the total cost of EU tire labeling adherence.

You already have the data – we’ll make it work for you.

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