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The EU Tire Label

Fuel Efficiency / Rolling Resistance
A better grade means lower vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. Tires can provide up to 20% of the overall fuel consumption for a car, 35% for a truck.

Categories: A (green – best grade) to G (red – worst grade but still compliant).
Category D is not used.

Wet Grip
Improved wet grip means reduced breaking distance on wet roads. There is a difference of more than 18 meters stopping distance between categories A and F.

Categories: A (best grade) to F (worst grade).
Categories D and G are not used.

External Rolling Noise
Noise, external to the vehicle, produced by the tyre as it rolls along the road. The EU considers traffic noise a significant nuisance that has a harmful effect on health.

1 black sound wave: least noise, compliant with future, more stringent EU limit.
2 black sound waves: already compliant with future
EU limit.
3 black sound waves: most noise, compliant with current EU limit.

Regulation and Tire Class References
Tire Class C1 – Passenger
Tire Class C2 – Light Commercial
Tire Class C3 – Heavy Commercial


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