Tread Label Management (TLM) Service
- Rolling Resistance Tester

Rolling Resistance Tester

Poling Group company ASM-Hasbach offers Rolling Resistance testing machines. These machines are key to meeting the EC 1222/2009 requirement for providing the Fuel Efficiency Rating printed on the EU tire label.

The ASM-Hasbach RRT machine uses the torque method of providing the fuel efficiency rating. The torque method is the most accurate method, since the measurement is direct and not susceptible to the large errors caused by load misalignment and crosstalk that are characteristic of the force method.

Advantages of this machine include:

  • Use of a servo-driven actuator instead of hydraulics for loading
  • Correlates results to enable inter-laboratory comparisons
  • No special machine foundation required
  • Can be fitted to additionally provide high-speed endurance testing, providing excellent value as a multi-purpose investment
  • Options like camber, air regulation, and temperature readings (tyre internal/external, tread, and ambient) that also increase machine usability and flexibility

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